Think Pink!

At last month’s Spark a Smile party, we geared up for October’s Breast Cancer Awareness month by creating happy pink gum wrappers. Our dental office received some free samples of Orbitz gum, so Miss Marlene came up with a way to recycle the packaging so we could make them pretty! We finished over 200 packages in one evening!

Here’s the crafty, glitter-loving crew: 

 Hope you’ll join us for our next party on Wednesday, October 13, from 5-7 PM!

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  1. I look forward to Spark a Smile every month. It gives me a chance to socialize with a great group of (mostly) ladies but also to be a part of a group who contributes back to the community. Even after a long day at work, it is refreshing to watch all the cards being made. Oh, yeah, I don't make cards. Ok, I have made a few. I go mainly as the comedic relief and for the chocolate. But it's a great time of sharing and giving. I know when I receive a card, especially a handmade card, I feel special. I know the cards made by Spark a Smile are making someone else feel special. That makes the world go round and makes it a sparklier place.Paula Leslie

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